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The Importance of Daykeeping:  Notes from an Urban Shaman’s Journal part 1

by Carlos Cedillo (Nov.15, 2010 – 4 Reed)

Everything is in Perfect Divine right order.  That’s what I must believe to stay calm centered and focused each day of my life.  Having a calendar that reflects that Divine right order is a nice tool to help maintain that awareness.  

It was the Zapatista Revolution in Southern Mexico that first got my attention focused on the Mayan people and culture.  “Ya Basta!”, “Enough” was their cry and somehow it resonated with my college student heart.  I began reading each and every one of the communiques from the mysterious Sub-commandante Marcos.  Back then it was a cry against “Neo-Liberalism” and NAFTA that the Maya had had enough of.  No more taking of Native lands by corporations, no more forcing consumer culture upon the poor peoples of the world.  It was a reawakening of the “Flower Wars” against Spanish rule in the 15th and 16th centuries.  From this time on I read every book I could find on Mayan anthropology and archeology.  There were many descriptions of the Mayan calendar but  very little, if any on the meaning of the calendar.  Most books just noted that the Maya were “obsessed” with time-keeping.

I was taken in by the Mayan garbs that the Zapatista women and men wore with their faces covered by black ski-masks.  It was intriguing to me that a college professor would take the initiative to lead a rebel army and give the American funded regular army a good run for their money.  I had to learn more about the Mayan world to know what the meaning of this Revolution truly was.  In the mid-nineties, Clinton was still bombing Iraq’s no-fly zones almost on a daily basis, but since nobody called it a “war” any more it seemed to be ok.  It’s ironic how today’s liberals wistfully dream of going back to the Clinton-Era days before Gulf War II and Afghanistan.  The Clinton administration was also funding these little black-ops in Mexico and Columbia (and who knows where else).

It was in 1995 that something really amazing opened up in my life.  An article my friend saw in National Geographic about a place in Northern Mexico called Cuatrocienegas.  It was a natural oasis in the desert with springs and pools (pozos) that harbored unique life forms – fish, shrimp, turtles and various other creatures – that only thrived in these pools.  It was a mini-Galapagos. The coolest thing about the place was that it was very close to home!  We could drive out there from Austin in about eight hours.  in a couple of weeks we were packed and ready to go.  Also on the agenda for this trip was Real de Catorce – the Huichol Indian’s Mecca where they would walk hundreds of miles collecting and eating only peyote until they got to the top of Wirikuti mountain.  (I would later learn Wirikuti is a place where the intelligence of the cosmos entered into the Earth.)

After a couple of days enjoying the pozos and exploring the mysterious desert mountains of Sierra La Madera and Sierra Pinos y Marcos, we were preparing to leave Cuatrocienegas when one of our little group discovered something while making a final pit stop behind a large rock – a huge clump of peyote buttons!  We began looking around and suddenly noticed it was everywhere, all around us.  We just hadn’t known what to look for.  We were already on our way to Real de Catorce ,where we expected to find it, but I would return to that spot many times over the next decade and a half.  

In Real de Catorce there were shops filled with marvelous crystals from nearby mines.  I began collecting these marvelous stones and made many trips into Mexico for the next six years returning to the States with a van load to sell and then go back for more.  Each trip my first stop was my peyote garden at Cuatrocienegas.  (It is much more well known now, so I don’t feel I am giving away any secrets, but to those who wish to go there, you’d better know the customs and make friends with the locals before disturbing the plant life! Also be sure to leave the roots so that they will grow back, and be respectful, do not take more than you will use and leave some tobacco or sage as an offering.)

So that was the early stages of my shaman’s path.  It was 1998 when I was introduced to the Mayan calendar’s spiritual aspects.  A lady who worked at a crystal shop in Austin introduced me to the “Mayan Calendar Birthday Book” and the work of Jose Arguelles.  I began immediately to journal everyday on the Dreamspell calendar.  I figured that if there was something special or magical about it, then surely something would happen to prove this was so.  Sure enough, it was easy for me to see that the 13 and 20 day cycles held some special vibrational properties that would come around again and again.  I took notes on my dreams and collected my friends’ birthdays to see if they resonated with their Mayan glyph.  It took a couple of cycles, but by Leap-day of 2000 I realized that this was not a true Mayan calendar.  How could a perfect calendar need a “leap” day or a “day-out-of-time”?  It made no sense.  I also met a guy on that leap day who had an incredibly annoying ego-centric energy, I knew that Jose Arguelles’ Dreamspell was not going to work for me and that it did not line up with the traditional Mayan 260 day cycle – you know, the one that does not have sometimes 261 days or sometimes a 14 or 21 day cycle.  I needed something better.

Along comes 9/11/2001, we all know what happened that day (…or do we? Further discussion of that later!).  It was a couple of weeks later that I was driving around Austin still in a daze not really knowing where I was going or why I was even on the road.  The streets were mostly empty, the radio was playing either sappy emotional mush or totally inappropriate rock and roll.  I found myself pulling up to a New Age bookstore – Whole Life Books – not really seeking anything, just drawn there.  I walked right to a shelf, still in a daze, when I saw it.  The title read Solving the Greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar by an author whose name was spelled similar to my own, Dr. Carl Johann Calleman.  I glanced at the back cover and walked over to pay for it at the counter.  I went home and I read.

My life was completely turned around and my soul lit up with a fire I’d never experienced before.  All my intuitions about the Mayan calendar were suddenly confirmed.  There was a MEANING behind it after all!  Not a silly poetic New-Age fluff like the Arguelles material, but a scientific, clearly articulated, step-by-step presentation of the cycles of time at all levels of history according to the long-count calendar described in all the anthropology and archeology books I had read over the years.  Now it all came alive.  From cellular and biological evolution to political and cultural developments to the near future, the one we are living right now.  Everything in the Universe moves with the serpentine rhythms of light-dark-light undulations discovered by the ancient Maya (or perhaps an earlier people like the Olmec).  For the first time ever, my life now had a purpose.

I dusted off my old journal I had put away after Leap-day 2000.  I converted all the days into the traditional tzolkin count, and there it was like a shining diamond – TRUTH.  The true nature of all of existence, Earthly and otherwise!  

I quickly searched the internet and found Mayanmajix.com, a site dedicated to the work of Dr. Calleman set up by Ian Xel Lungold.  Since Dr. Calleman lived in Sweden, I decided to visit Ian in Sedona, AZ.  As luck would have it, my parents had just moved to Sacramento, CA from Canada.  They were literally crossing the border from Vancouver, BC to Washington State when 9/11 happened!  I had to visit them anyway, so I decided to cruise through Sedona.  Ian and I met at Mayan Taco restaurant (now closed).  He was congenial and eager to share his Mayan Calendar Conversion Codex with me.  I even got to stay in his home for a night and heard him give a talk on Dr. Calleman’s Long-count interpretation.  It was a most fortunate meeting since Ian would pass away a few short years later.  I do take issue with many of Ian’s ideas of the Galactic and Universal Underworlds but out of respect for him and his partner Matty, I will not elaborate on that.  You can watch Ian’s DVD presentation “Welcome to the Evolution” to see which of his predictions fell short of happening.  This should not deter anyone from reading and appreciating Dr. Calleman’s work!

So, as they say, “the rest is history”…except that it isn’t yet.  Not until October 28th, 2011 – more about that later!

There were several more important steps along my road to becoming a Daykeeper.  Let me backtrack now and mention a few other details in light of the long-count calendar.  You should begin to notice that past, present and future are beginning to meld into one.  This is good!  It was an important time back in August 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence took place, and yes, we can thank Jose Arguelles for getting that organized, although it was actually author Tony Shearer’s 1971 book Quetzalcoatl: Lord of the Dawn that first mentioned the August 16, 1987 as the beginning of a New Age.  

My family and I had moved to California right around that time and it was my senior year in high school.  I remember I saw my favorite rock group, Yes, in Costa Mesa.  They put out an album called Big Generator.  It wasn’t their best, but it had a song called “Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)” that caught my interest.  (Yes’ 1973 album Tales from Topographic Oceans featured Chichen Itza on the cover and even had Mayan words in some of the lyrics!)  In July 2010 Dr. Calleman called for another global gathering called Conscious Convergence.  The reasoning was that as Harmonic Convergence opened the spiritual energies that later started the Galactic Underworld on January 5, 1999, so the Conscious Convergence would open space for the energies of the Universal Underworld that begins March 9, 2011.  (Again, more details about that will be shared later!).  

1992 was the start of the last “Day” of the Planetary Underworld and the barbarity of the first Gulf war and impersonality of college life led me to quit school for a year and when I returned I began studying Eastern religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Existentialism and for the fist time I began seriously practicing meditation.

Late 1997 I received a smoke signal from the Maya lands. Actually, all of Texas did.  For several weeks we were blanketed by deep heavy smoke that wafted up from Chiapas.  It was reported to be harvest time and the Maya were just clearing their fields for planting season.  It’s amazing how the media expects people to believe such blatant lies – Texas had never experienced anything like this before, so there was absolutely nothing “normal” about it.  I suspected the Mexican government was trying to smoke-out the Zapatistas.  I had to go find out for myself what was going on!  As fate would have it, my father got a new job in Campeche.  It was time for another road trip south!  During the next two years I made several trips through the Yucatan and southern Mexico.  What an amazing time this was!  Edzna, Kohunlich, Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Labna, Becan, Xpujil, Chicanna, Ek Balam, Yaxchilan, Palenque, Bonampak, and Chichen Itza were just the places I remember visiting on these journeys.  I would take three coins with me to the top of the pyramids to cast the I-Ching.

January 1999 was another pivotal time in my personal shamanic development.  As I mentioned, I had been collecting crystals in Mexico since 1995.  As I brought them back to sell at home, I met many wonderful interesting people who were attracted by the crystal energy.  Among them were astrologers and shamans and lightworkers.  My favorite shaman was a woman named Carolion (bless her soul).  I first contacted Carolion though an astrologer friend in 1998 and through 1999 and 2001 I learned many  important shamanic lessons including dowsing with a pendulum and copper dowsing rods, drum journeying, medicine walks, chakra clearing and past life regressions.  During the same time period I received crystal healing treatments and studied tarot, I-Ching.  My dreams took on a life all their own as I first made contact with “the Mothership” (that’s worth a whole book in and of itself!).  All this and more was in the span of about three years.  Great fun times were had by all!  Many folks were undergoing the same Awakening as myself during this same time period.

Fast forward a few years to 2004 and the publication of Dr. Calleman’s second book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (I spent 2002-2003 living as a starving artist in LA, but this is another chapter when I discuss my art).

As soon as I got my hands on this book I immediately began writing emails directly to Dr. Calleman with all of my questions, the main question being why October 28, 2011 instead of Dec. 21, 2012?

The Importance of Daykeeping:  Notes from an Urban Shaman’s Journal part 2

By 2003-2004 it was becoming more obvious that the Divine plan as revealed in the Galactic Underworld time phase was truly panning out as Dr. Calleman described in Solving the Greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar.  I was painting a great deal and some of my best work came out during this year.  I had returned from two years of living in the LA area where I had taught classical guitar and had several nice art shows (but sold little art).  The Harmonic Concordance of November 8, 2003 (1 Toj/Water) had been a big deal for me, I had an article in the Pasadena Star about my work and astrologer Eric Francis used my paintings as headers for his articles about the Harmonic Concordance.  Why I didn’t jump into the limelight at the time is a mystery only my soul and God knows.  

I got two big shots of confidence in 2004 – the 3rd Night of the Galactic Underworld.  First was the publication of Dr. Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.   Of most interest to me at the time was the correlation of brainwave activity to the Schumann Resonance and frequencies at different layers of the Earth’s core to crust and atmosphere and the harmonies to the different layers of the Mayan Time Pyramid.  There was also a web link in the back of Dr. Calleman’s book for a site called LivinginJoy.com (now defunct).  At this link I found pictures of a group of people in Sweden who were sitting of lying on the ground looking very blissed out.  There was a beautiful blond woman putting her hands on their heads.  Hmmm, very interesting I thought!  A couple of weeks later when I returned to that site there were more pictures of this group, this time with Dr. Calleman speaking to them!  I discovered the beautiful woman’s name was Anette Carlstrom and she was an Enlightened Being giving “deeksha” that made people blissed out.  I immediately thought how cool would it be to have Dr. Calleman and Anette here in Texas teaching the Mayan Calendar and giving Deeksha enlightenment to everybody!  So I proceeded to ask them….

The second shot was the Venus Transit on June 8.  This was an incredible good-feeling event for me.  I created three wonderful works of art commemorating this event.  The visual imagery of Venus crossing the sun stirred my imagination like nothing had before.  

The tzolkin day of the Venus Transit was 6 Ik/Wind.  (It was a 6 Wind day again September 15, 2008 when Lehman Brothers went belly-up.)  This is no accident.  Venus  is Quetzalcoatl (Kulkulkan in Mayan), the most important deity in Meso-American lore.  Ik is Quetzalcoatl in his Wind aspect, much as the Holy Spirit is God the Father in his spirit aspect.  For three days there was a celebration of Oneness.  It began with 4 Ahau (June 6, 2004).  That is another tzolkin date to remember, it repeated on Nov.2, 2010 – the US mid-term elections and will repeat again Dec. 21, 2012.  (My theories on that later….).  Next, June 7, 2004 was 5 Imix/Crocodile, a day that repeated Nov. 3, 2010 which was the start of the 7th “Day” of the Galactic Underworld.  I held a Mayan Fire ceremony in Austin to help usher in this new “Day”.  The Venus Transit will happen again June 6, 2012 – 1 Ik.  Notice that Dec. 21, 2012 is outside of this Venus energy portal.

So I had asked Carl and Anette to come to Texas.  It turns out that only Carl could make it down in 2004.  It was August 14-15, 8 Water and 9 Dog, that Dr. Calleman taught about Mayan Daykeeping and his theories and prophecies of the Long-Count calendar.   We held the class at Casa de Luz in Austin.  There was a total of 12 students that weekend plus Carl is 13.  It was a miracle that I managed to get anyone to show up at all since I had never promoted such an event before!  The magic was all worth it.  We also had another gathering for Carl and my friend’s house in San Marcos, TX – we’ll call her 10 Storm – where Carl managed to sell out of the books he had brought with him.  

The most fateful day from this episode turned out to be August 19, 2004 – 13 Ix/Jaguar.  I took Carl to the bus station that day and he continued on to Dallas and then the West Coast.  I took off right after that down to Padre Island, TX where a woman who attended the workshop – we’ll call her 5 Wind – and her husband had a condo near the beach.  That night I watched Venus over the waves and slept with a life-sized crystal skull at my feet.  I was transformed into the Cosmicjaguar!  (The idea of celestial jaguars had been in my head for years before that.  There was a legend I heard at Yaxchilan about the headless statue at the top of the main temple.  When the head returned celestial jaguars would devour the Universe!)

Apparently the good Dr. went on to Australia then India and back home to Europe, literally circumnavigating the globe before returning to Texas again in May 2005, this time Anette Carlstrom would join us for a weekend workshop at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX.  As fate would have it, we picked up Anette at the Austin airport on May 6, 2005 – the very next 13 Jaguar day!

We held the weekend retreat at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX.  The energy was very intense and the sky participated giving us lovely lightning storms and intermittent sunshine.  It seemed that the heavens were responding directly to Anette and Carl’s presentations with love and gratitude!  It was a wonderful balance of the left and right brain hemispheric activity with Carl presenting wonderful facts and wisdom of the Maya and Anette opening channels of our intuition and connecting us to realms of bliss most of the participants had never experienced.  My 10 Storm friend closed out the event with a Maori ceremony by the pond.  

Using the Tzolkin for Daykeeping creates an order to existence that otherwise would appear to be chaos, dumb luck, deus-ex-machina arbitrariness or “Angels must be watching over me” good fortune.  Examples are everywhere, everyday but with the politically imposed Gregorian Calendar, they are invisible.  The Tzolkin is also completely misunderstood by those who cannot understand metaphoric parables or Shakespearean word-play.  The ancient Maya did not leave us many works of fiction, but there was acting in their story telling and poetry, drama in their retelling of history, and an imagination so brilliant in their sciences, prophecies and mythology that few other ancient cultures came close to.  In attempting to properly make use of the Tzolkin calendar, we develop these mental facilities and simultaneously reconnect with Mother Nature and the realms of spirit.  You may use the calendar to plan ahead, or just go with the flow and allow the day’s energy to move you.  Important days in your life reveal their purpose and birthdays – and often re-birth days! – give an individual a sense of purpose and place in the Universe.  

May 7th and 8th, 2005 were 1 Eagle and 2 Owl on the tzolkin.  That was the weekend at Aquarena Springs.  May 2nd, 2010 was exactly 7 tzolkin rounds and very close to 5 years also 2 Owl.  That day Carl and Anette were on a telephone conference with Bhimi Casey to discuss Unity Consciousness and the Conscious Convergence.  Nobody actually sat down and decided that Carl and Anette would be working together again on that day because of the tzolkin.  It just as easily could have been a week before or a week after, but it happened when it did because the energy had carried over from the Aquarena Springs event on the waves described by the Tzolkin.  When Anette Carlstrom agreed to do the workshop, she did not know that it would be 260 days since Dr. Calleman was in New Braunfels, TX when she would arrive, it just happened to be the only time left in her schedule!

In 2005 I moved into an apartment in Austin near the Ruta Maya coffee shop.  I started teaching a weekly class about the Mayan calendar as part of Ruta Maya’s community outreach programs.  That went on for a couple of years.  I went with my folks to Guatemala that Fall.  We visited Quirigua, Tikal, and Seibal and Cancuen.  I got a little claustrophobic by 2007 and decided to move into a house-mate situation.  Little did I suspect my world would experience a major transformation on a very memorable Memorial Day!

In the summer of 2006 I met a publisher who thought that my journal based on the Mayan calendar was a great idea.  I began typing furiously.  About that same time I received an email from Carl about a chance to go on a Sacred Journey with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, “Wandering Wolf”, and take part in ceremonies, explore Tikal, and swim in healing waters.  Miraculously a great friend of mine I was working for at the time agreed to fund the trip for me.  Let me pause here a moment.

Now we are discussing things that are still a bit fresh in my memories.  It seems that so much has happened in the past five years it all tends to get wound up in knots.  At the same time there is a message that I wish to get across, and that is the importance of Daykeeping in our modern world.  Everyone feels the ominous currents right now.  It’s as if the world is on a hair-trigger waiting for the “Big One” or some event that will set all the dominoes tumbling around us.  I do believe the world is this fragile right now.  I also see a great deal of hope in the predictions of the Mayan calendar.  One book in particular has been a great guide for me.  That is the Chilam Balam or Book of Chumayel.  This is a record of what Mayan elders had been passing generation to generation by oral tradition.  After the Spanish arrived and started destroying the world as the Native Americans had known it, the Mayan elders decided to write this stuff down for posterity.  I feel the urgency to do this now with my own story.  Not that I believe we may suffer a terrible ending like Native American genocide, but because missing a Golden Opportunity to create a better world would be tragedy in and of itself!

The cycles of the Mayan calendar are much easier to understand day to day once you get in the proper cycle.  Jose Arguelles’ re-interpretation of the calendar causes much confusion and embarrassment.  John Major Jenkins and other Western scholars cause confusion by their reliance on big numbers and impressive calculations, none of which means anything to the man on the street.  Daniel Pinchbeck is cool, but he really isn’t discussing the calendar so much as compiling theories of what life in the future might be like.  

The truth is that we are reaching the top of a very steep bell curve.  Everyone knows the same things intuitively right now.  It’s just that some of us are more willing to accept the new knowledge and others are reluctant to let go of their outmoded belief systems.  Everyone seems to know that the material world is controlled by a very small group (presumably of rich white dudes) called the Illuminati, or Bilderbergs, “Powers that Be”, or whatever.  The Maya knew this would be the case over five hundred years ago.  The Chilam Balam states that with the return of the men of wisdom, you can see that there is no truth in the words of the “owners of the town”.  

Now about December 21, 2012.  Please forget about it.  October 28, 2011 is 13 Ahau.  Due to Time acceleration, the Katun cycle prophecies written in the Chilam Balam now happen every twenty days.  I honestly cannot fully explain how Dr. Calleman figured this out.  It had to do with date changes on the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque.  For me it was the Chilam Balam prophecy for Katun 13 Ahau, something I believe Carl was unfamiliar with at the time he devised his theory.  12-21-2012 is not 13 Ahau, it is 4 Ahau.  That is presumably the day 5200 years ago when the “First Father” raised the World-Tree and began the current Age of the Sun we live in.  That by no means, nowhere, no how states that this current cycle has to end on a 4 Ahau date!  In the Chilam Balam only the 13 Ahau prophecy states “Holy completion of Time, truly.”

The 4 Ahau prophecy is a date Mayan kings tried to tie their ancestry to much like Egyptian pharaohs tried to tie their ancestry to the Sun god.  The number 4 in this case is a descriptive term meaning the Four directions, four elements, and the branches of the World-Tree.  The number 13 is more a description of transcendence and finality, of moving beyond the material world and unifying Masculine and Feminine archetypes.  

13 Ahau is a time when there will be “no power in Heaven or on the Earth”, “The Perfumed Flower will open”, a time when all peoples of all towns everywhere will enter into a new spirituality, not from compulsion, but sincerely feeling the call to unite.  It is because of the Gregorian calendar, that people have less and less freedoms.  Those who believe they “own” everything in the world, are really sick and have twisted souls.

So, to continue my story.  I wrote this book called Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal:  A Personal Guide to Navigating the End Times Using the Mayan Calendar.  It didn’t quite make the best seller’s list, but the few who own a copy think it’s great!  The idea was to create a way for people to see their own personal stories in the light of the tzolkin calendar.  I am working on a second edition right now.  By December 2006 the Soul Kin Journal was in print and I was booked for a journey to Guatemala.  This happened in January 2007, it was like a never ending bus trip.  I still feel like it’s going on now!  Of special interest is the Sacred drink of the Maya made of 7 special herbs that induces a dream state where your dreams predict your future.  I had a vision that came true exactly 260 days later!  I also had a special oracle reading with Tata as well as a baptism at a special fountain inside a cave!

Memorial Day 2007 proved the magical powers of the Mayan calendar again.  It was just past the mid-point of the 5th Day of the Galactic Underworld.  We had just celebrated the Breakthrough Celebration on May 22, 2005, the mid-point of the 5th Day.  The wave energy of each day and night period was ramping up more so than when the Galactic Underworld started.  Memorial Day 2007, 11 Death, was a breakthrough indeed.  That day I met a sparkling child of god who became my mate.  Here also enters a paradox, the stories we share are perfect examples of the importance of Daykeeping, yet so extremely personal, they will have to remain locked in silence for now.  We were married two years later during the peak of the 6th day in May 2009.  the mid-point of the 6th day just happened to fall on my Gregorian birthday and our wedding was 6 days later on 3 Death.  Death days are apparently good for weddings because it means the Ancestors of both individuals guided them to be together from beyond the veil.  We spent our honeymoon in Belize at Xaman Ek (North Star God) resort at San Pedro on Ambergris Caye a few days and then joined a group on another Sacred Journey with Don Alejandro.

Two of the biggest honors I have ever received came during this trip.  One day I was ill, we were in Antigua and Tata had been with the President of Guatemala in council and with other international dignitaries.  When Tata joined us in the evening, he heard I was sick and came to my hotel room and performed a spiritual healing on me.  The second honor came on the last full day of our trip at Lake Atitlan.  Our group took a boat across the lake to the San Pedro Volcano.  Tata said the traditional prayers and then recited and made offerings to the days of the Tzolkin.  As he reached the day Batz (Monkey or Thread) he called Laura and I over to the fire and proceeded to perform a marriage ceremony for us.  This ritual, he said, bound us with a thread that could not be broken and the vows we took had nothing to do with the government or anyone else but us and God and the Volcano.  

That night we partook of the Sacred Drink of seven herbs and there was much rejoicing.

We have just entered the last “Day” of the Galactic Underworld on Nov 3rd, 2010.  The election that took place in the US on Nov. 2nd was on a 4 Ahau day.  That means this was the last attempt by the dark forces to hold on to the old way that was set up on 4 Ahau August 11, 3114 B.C.  The Presidential election of 2008 took place on a 4 Eb day.  Eb and Ahau are both yellow (south) days, so there was a direct harmonization between the two (factor of 52 days).

The final tzolkin of the Baktun begins February 11, 2011, and the 9th Underworld begins March 9, 2011.  As much evolution that has happened since Jan. 5, 1999 will happen in the space of 234 days!  

New Year’s day 1-1-2011 is 12 Ahau, a time of abundance, many weddings, piles of tortillas and the end of profiteering, “then there is no fox”.  This is the essence of the Sun’s Light.  The Light of True Understanding.  The 11:11:11 part 2.  Part 3 comes after the close of the 9-step time pyramid and the descent of Bolon Yakte, before the close of the Venus Transit portal June 8, 2012.  Apparently there will also be a major eclipse Maya 20, 2012.  What an incredible time to be living!  What better way to live than to be a vessel for transformative energies being transmitted from the Heart of the Universe.  

Carlos Cedillo was born May 11, 1970 at 4:26 am.  May 11, 1970 is 13 Eagle, but because he was born before sunrise he resonates with 12 Jaguar.

(completed 7 Toj/Water, December 1, 2010)

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