Carlos Rene Cedillo
Hailing from Central Texas, Carlos Cedillo is a shamanic artist & Maya calendar daykeeper, “Ah Kin”. He has traveled deep in the deserts and jungles of Mexico and Guatemala to soak in the spiritual energies that he infuses into his music and art. Lately Carlos has been exploring sacred petroglyph sites of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas; turning these ancient glyphs into timeless stories.
Artist’s Statement
Each of my paintings is a portal into the extra-dimensional world of nature spirits. Having been a classical guitarist for many years, I also had a growing interest in Mind, consciousness and spirituality. I began painting in May 2000 to commemorate the astrological conjunction of planets In Taurus.
In 1995 I began making frequent trips into Mexico, finding crystals and Peyote in the northern deserts and Hongos and the magic of the pyramids and temples of the Maya. All of these themes appear in my earlier paintings and post-2012 I have been exploring more of the Pecos River Rock art, and the Chacoan and Anasazi petroglyphs and cliff dwelling cultures. My intent in creating these paintings is to share the supernatural experiences that I always have during my travels and ceremonies. My dreams are very often prophetic and the Maya calendar provides access to understanding of our dreams and sub-conscious/super-conscious universes.
I have shown my work in Pasadena, California Equator cafe, Rock Rose gallery In Los Angeles, and many shows in Austin, Marble Falls, Llano and San Marcos, Texas.

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