6 Lizard/net, NESARA

January 7, 2022
Some healing psychology today as we liberate ourselves from corporate pseudo government policies.  We are talking, th…

1 Reed Quetzalcoatl’s Return

December 7, 2021
SO!  It happened back in 2012 while most folks were busy not taking the Shift of the Ages very seriously.  That summe…

5 Lizard, back to the Eclipse

November 28, 2021
August 21, 2017  The Great American Eclipse. 5 Lizard was the tzolkin day.   I was in Eugene, Oregon performing a May…

1 Ahau Xochiquetzal day!

November 24, 2021
Hello Sweet Taco fans!  New Fem Goddess energy, get it while it’s HOT!  Thankful hearts that we thrive continuo…

13 Reed cosmic authority

October 28, 2021
Please share!  You are my only hope of getting this story out. October 28, 2011-2021 Watch both parts https://youtu.b…

10 Dog

October 26, 2021
Dog is the most important presence in your life. He or she guards you at all times, stands up for what they believe a…

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