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This shamanic path I have been walking has brought me new understandings of Life, and treated me to witness dreams and prophecies unfolding in 3-D reality. I have met so many wonderful souls on similar paths bringing peace, Light and Love into the world and I have used quantum healing and consciousness raising technology that was purely science fiction in the previous Baktun – like Monroe Institute’s Hemisync binaural beats, and Quantum iLife.
I traveled to sacred sites of my Ancestors, and visited the stars through astral projection. I learned to call down Light-ships, or Beam-ships, of our Galactic neighbors. For many years now, I have been utilizing the Violet Flame for Karmic cleansing and transmutation.
In the current Tzolkin (began Sept.2014), I learned “Angelic Reiki”, a practice of hands on healing utilizing the Angels and Ascended Masters who are 100% of the Light. This is a new protocol for work I have already been doing for years in other formats, ceremonies and crystal healing. When I perform this work, the Angels are accompanied by St. Germain of the Violet Flame, the Pleiadeans and Vrillon of Ashtar Command, as well as my Mayan Ancestors who show themselves to me as a large group of powerful Daykeeper shamans.
I prefer to call the technique, Angelic Light Healing, because it is really different from what most folks think of as Reiki. The Earth as my witness, this is powerful spiritual medicine and I am offering to share it with you for a charitable contribution to help my spiritual work and artistic creation.
Who can say what doorways can open for you when you allow the Angels and Beings 100% of the Light to heal your chakras, your karma and energetic fields.
Today is 11 Dog. What is your spiritual authority you would like to claim for yourself today?
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Carlos Cedillo

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  • Great article about your history. How does 11 and Dog fit in?
    Yesterday (offering/Water) I watched Whale Rider. Today has been hard to breathe in many ways. I keep trudging.My resonance with the 11 of this day is not doing me much good. I wonder if I am a day keeper in training the way I keep coming back and thinking about how amazing this “system” is. I have printed out more of your articles to read. I am planning to post this particular one in WW soon. This solar eclipse is conjunct my IC and Chiron (both in Scorpio my 4th house).. Not a pretty feeling. You: Be Well Be Peace Be You.

  • 11 days are always a little rough, but 11 Dog is really Ruff! hehe….12 Monkey promises to be a wild time traveling oddessy….
    Whale Rider is based on the stories of the Waitaha Grandmothers! They would be taken as children out to sea and have to ride the whales underwater, breathing through the bubbles of air from their blowholes!

    • I have loved and owned the dvd and watched Whale Riders since it came out quite a few years ago. I pass it on to my daughter and grand daughters. I have been in tune with so much for so long which no one has understood except myself. I am not surprised that you mention the Grandmothers. It was a sad day but the movie gave me comfort, as The Grandmothers always try to do for me. Tying up thread ends today. And turning to the Future of Never-Befoe-Now New At Last.

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