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Carlos Cedillo

“Carlos Cedillo is a modern daykeeper, someone who lives the Mayan calendar and takes it into account in every aspect of his life. In this book (Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal) he presents some of those aspects that are closest to his heart. His Mayan diary, followed according to the age old true Sacred Calendar count still followed by the Maya, shows how we can get a deeper understanding of the course of our lives by looking at them against their energetic background , patterns are revealed that attest to the existence of a higher purpose for our existence and this is the case also for Cedillo’s work. I feel it will be an inspiration for others who want to introduce the Mayan calendar into their lives, showing how to make practical use of it. Carlos Cedillo is also and artist with much Native Mesoamerican imagery in his blood. His art provides an interface between the ancient and the modern and again, as in his personal notes from his diary, the calendar is present everywhere. Art is energy transformed to conscious expression and in Cedillo’s work it shines through especially clear.”

– Carl Johann Calleman, Ph.D.
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Counsciousness and The Purposeful Universe

Artist, composer, mutli-instrumentalist, and Daykeeper of the Sacred Mayan calendar. Carlos Cedillo, aka., Cosmicjaguar, believes everyday holds a new song, a new vibration of spiritual energy that we can tap into each moment. We resonate with the stars and the space between the stars. Cosmicjaguar’s main ambition now is to open all our hearts with the Violet Flame by encoding his music with the energies of the Sacred Mayan tzolkin 260 day calendar. Contact us about Mayan calendar art.

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