8 Water pay day sacrifice and offerings

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morning broken 8 water

I sat by the water this morning. I attended a business conference in New Braunfels Convention center.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CTz_aylFVfs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Orange tree regrowing, representing new abundance on its way!

“Putting out fires” too!  Sweat equity.

Pay your dues, offer respect, compliments, you never know what will come back your way…. so that is not why you do it, no expectations equals no disappointment.

morning broken 8 water
Guadalupe spider web


I want to give thanks that I have people I can call “old friends”  some friends are not around any more or can’t handle that their Hippie Utopias never worked out.

Just build on the life you were given, that IS the growth part that makes us “cool”, we’ve taken the heat too many times.

Tojil was a character in the Popol Vuh, he brought fire to the tribes but they had to PAY by allowing him to Suckle them – meaning the heart sacrifice.

Tojil had a snake-foot and spun on one leg to start a fire.  Warmth/burning, cooking/sacrifice.

WE will be having a Mayan Fire ceremony October 15, 2021 using plant-based offerings, copal, sage, flower petals, chocolate, tobacco… mostly copal… I will need a Fire-keeper to help me and after making offerings to all 20 days of the Uinal cycle, we will play music and dance counter-clockwise around the fire and everyone will embrace everyone else… hugs and smiles, y’all!

That is October 15, 2021 ceremony in Austin, TX 13 Ahau please contact Randy at Pheonix Rising for more information. 512-332-9338



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