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[Update: Feb. 22, 2018 – 8 Toj – today could have been a great ceremony day but again it is cold and rainy outside.  Have big gratitude for all you have all you are, all you get to experience in this life.  There is lots of talk about what are we going to do about school shootings, well consider that one person attempted to bomb a plane with his shoe, now we all need to take of our shoes at airports…. but scores of kids get killed every year and well, there’s nothing we can do about it!  It is time to realize the worst case scenario – that these are well-planned sacrificial rituals carried out by a Satanic death cult that has infiltrated our government systems…..  Please support my Patreon channel https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1558036 I am completely dedicated to classical guitar right now.  I may start painting again soon and playing my sitar, but for now I need your dedicated support to keep making these videos! Much love and appreciation, Carlos Cedillo]
Hi Y’all,
I have been creating a video log for my youtube channel, www.youtube.com/users/cosmicjaguar [update: try https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWB2di1XdN47uUfaadMv4hQ] … Today I thought I would write again because there is so much going on.  We all thought that the world or time would end Dec. 21, 2012.  Few of us considered what would be the scenario if that did not happen. Well from the perspective of someone who has taught the Mayan calendar for over half a Katun now, everything in life is still in perfect Divine right order. The things we imagined would happen in one day are actually long drawn out processes and today especially lots of triggers are finally being pulled and the Bang is ringing out pretty loud.
This is the Pope’s retirement day and the day that the US economy is going to go “Kerplop!” ….except that the DJIA almost reached it’s highest point ever.  Austerity kicks in tomorrow so what’s the deal?  The rich are taking all their toys and going home…no toys for the poor to play with! Boo!
I was listening to some astrologers talk about current events and they were acting like they we too cool for seeing how the planets are aligning to make all this stuff happen. Not to brag, but I learned about this shift from Mayan prophecy I studied in the 1990’s and I got confirmation of my own theories from the work of Dr. Carl Calleman in 2001. All of this news happening now is directly predicted in the ancient writings of the Chilam Balam (of Chumayel). All it takes to see this is a little patience and imagination to interpret some of the symbolism, even though there are plenty of passages that are very explicit in meaning too.
So now that the Vatican is completely broken and corrupt, it is time to take a fresh look at the Meso-American calendar that the Vatican has done such a great job of suppressing for 500 years.
The patterns the Maya tzolkin and Tun (long-count) describe are very organic, perfect mathematically profound tools for understanding the Universe both physically and spiritually.
What has happened since Oct. 28, 2011 (or if you just insist, 12/21/12) is that spirit and matter have achieved a perfect balance.
If you deny either side you may experience dis-ease, confusion and turmoil. Since the new energies are so fast it works like a centrifugal force making us LET GO of all we thought we had in the earlier version of life.
So the Pope’s retirement and the US economic “sequester” are both systems of Patriarchal hierarchy that were predicted to fail at this exact moment.
Everything before was just preparation for the fall. The big shifts took place Jan. 5, 1999 and March 9, 2011. I like to use the analogy of an astronaut being ejected out of the space capsule into the vastness of outer-space. We thought we were “secure” and life would just continue as-is forever. Now we will experience full on Freedom! For those who used to be so in control, this may be disconcerting. I am having to let go of some things myself, I’ll talk more about that in a few days, I’ve just got to let it all sink in before I decide what it may all mean.
So be Thankful today for all the great things we still have in this existence.  Tomorrow be ready for a day with your Light and Love Family.  The waters will part on March 20th, Spring Equinox, and then we celebrate the Cosmic Lord of Light March 31st.  Nice how Easter falls on 13 Ahau this year….so typically awesome of the Maya calendar to create this for us.  Remember, the tzolkin began many thousands of years ago and still gets “hits” like this all the time.
Currently we are in a time of Healing, the 6 Ahau falls on March 11, 2013, so some things must die like fruit falling from the tree to plant the new seeds. The Cosmic Sun period starts right after that, so watch the skies, y’all!
It would be a great thing if you and all your friends would invite me to tell you what the Maya calendar has in store for you personally.  You may be surprised how in alignment you already are.  This is not a tool to “fix” anyone unless you totally are lost in the “system” or matrix that is falling apart at the seams.  What it really is about is your soul and how is it supposed to grow and flourish in the 3D world and connect with our ancestors and Higher-self beings.  The 5th Dimension is opening up before our eyes and there are more steps to come after that.
April 11 will be the return of our Star Family and you can join our CE-5 group in San Marcos, TX here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180759192056546/
or get your own ET contact tool at CSETI.org !
Lots of Love folks, be sure to leave comments and questions below!
Carlos, a.k.a. “Cosmicjaguar”

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