6 Lizard/net, NESARA

Some healing psychology today as we liberate ourselves from corporate pseudo government policies.  We are talking, the whole world involved in this fight, but the USA, which is the epicenter of Freedom, has been the most brainwashed of all countries on Earth.  Wake up to how our language has been fouled-up.  Think of the millions of dollars major media actors, news anchors, get paid to LIE outright, obfuscate all truth, omit facts, even flip words around like fact=fiction, policy=law, corporation=Republic…. But our spiritual connection to God is never lost and unfiltered honest truth always makes a come back.

Kazakhstan gets it…. 
why are they not looting Autozone and Walmart? They seem to be going after banks and government offices in Kazakhstan.  Sure they are burning police cars too, just the ones guarding the banks and government facilities.  These are not mostly peaceful protests, there is real gunfire and explosions happening.

NESARA is a thing.


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