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Part the waters, make an offer.

Friday, October 15


 Maya Calendar Ceremony – with Carlos Cedillo
WhenFri, October 15, 8pm – 8pm
WhereAustin, TX, USA (map)

DescriptionFriday – October 15th, 2021.

Traditional Maya calendar ceremony to honor the 20-day cycle and the end of a 260-day cycle, and to bless the new upcoming cycles of time!

Promote love and light, connect with the Mayan Ancestors. Learn about the ancient ways still in use by the indigenous peoples.

Carlos Cedillo, who will lead the ceremony, has learned from the Grand Elder of the living Maya, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, and Mayan calendar researcher and author Dr. Carl Johann Calleman.

You may bring:

  • crystals or other sacred objects to have blessed
  • small drums or instruments to dance around the circle with
  • smiles and hugs

Anyone with a genuine interest in the mystery of Time is encouraged to attend. This is a real, traditional Mayan ceremony; all are welcome.

More About Carlos Cedillo

Carlos has been on the path of Mayan and North American peyote religion for 25 years. 

Friday, October 15th
8pm – 10pm

Location will be provided upon registration
Austin, Texas


For More Information
Reverend Randy: (512) 332-9338

https://telesco.pe/NewResistance/4126 Facebook Down!!!!

Set yourself free from FB and other carnivorous media.  Google and YouTube could be next!


I met a woman at the health food store who was at the Venus Transit ceremony in Blanco, TX June 5th, 2012!  We had met at a sweat lodge in Wimberley, Tx also.


Venus Transit ceremony June 5th 2012, Blanco, TX

This is Great Spirit at work.

Crystal healing session

October 15th, 2021 in the NEWS again! Why would this happen in the middle of the month????? 13 Ahau!

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