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October 28, 2011-2021

Watch both parts https://youtu.be/rfqUVIzb1l0

part 1 Sacred Spring

Part 2


The number 13 in the Mayan sacred calendar is said to represent a union between grandfatherly and grandmotherly energies.

The symbol of the reed is a patriarchal staff that holds up authority and represents stability. These days often occur when gods laws meet with human ones, as if they were one entity: like wood supporting another’s house (i.e., rafters).

The day of Reckoning is coming. This may be one of the most intense days in human history and it’s only a coincidence that we’re all here experiencing such cataclysmic events as the dissolution or perhaps rebirth, depending on how you look at things with different perspectives than those before us-the Maya had specific views about what might happen next but we are beyond the end times that we’re spoken of, so who knows which way this will go? One thing I do know: there won’t just be darkness after death; instead our minds will continue existing outside physical reality until something finally decides whether they want join back into life again.

https://www.facebook.com/honeytaco8/videos/1826342784218561/ quarter moon morning

CME incoming https://t.me/greatreject/21267


yesterday’s news about a fox 12Road https://youtu.be/yK0XFHH5jkg

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