1 Reed Quetzalcoatl’s Return


SO!  It happened back in 2012 while most folks were busy not taking the Shift of the Ages very seriously.  That summer my friend JD had gone to a CE-5 retreat with Dr. Stephen Greer.  When he got back we began having meetings in the park to call down the Light-ships, and sure enough we saw plenty that summer, we also got amazing music through the CE-5 App on my iPad.

This happened on a 1 Reed day like today, 12-7-21  [sorry it is rather high-pitched but it begins with a few notes like Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”!]

1 Reed has great historical significance to the Aztec and Mayan ancient culture.  This was predicted to be the day Quetzalcoatl would return to the Aztec lands, but instead they got Cortez… who punished the Aztecs for their dark sacrifice rituals, so maybe it was what Quetzalcoatl would have done… ?  Karma, baby!

View from the top of Jaguar pyramid toward three Equinox and Soltice marker pyramids at Uaxactun, an ancient Mayan capital city near Tikal. Uaxactun [wash-ak-toon] was captured by Teotihuacan leader named 1Reed.   photo taken July 2013



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